“Spring Bengal kittens are here!!!  Please view the parents below.  Their kittens will be ready for homes in late May and early June.  We also have 2 fabulous silver/black spotted, 7 month old, female Bengal sisters that we will be placing together to an approved home.  Please scroll down to see the pictures of these beautiful kittens.  Email or call me for further information and details.  Thank you!”

Golden Baron 1 

“TheBengalCatDen Golden Baron”

“He is the Dad to our golden/red kittens that are here now”

Goin Abstract

“TheBengalCatDen Goin’ Abstract.”

Goin’ Abstract is the Mom to the kittens that are here now”

 “Here are pictures of the second pairing we have of kittens that are here now.  These two give us both golden/red spotted and silver/black spotted in each litter!”

Sundance 2

“BellaAbsolutely The SunDance Kidee”

 “Here is the Dad to the second pairing of the kittens that are here now”      

  Morning Mist        

“The BengalCatDen Morning Mist”

“This is the Mom to our second pairing of kittens that are here now”

Pictures below are two available 7 month old silver/black spotted female kittens.  Please call or email for details !

Shooting Star on Cat Tree      Shooting Star plays peek-a-boo

Shooting Star blue silk   Shooting Star on hammock

Moon Song on Tiger Rug   Moon Song in play tunnel

Moon Song lounging   Moon Song Back Stroke
























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Welcome to thebengalcatden.com!

We are located in Tijeras, New Mexico, which is 20 minutes east of Albuquerque.

Here at the Bengal Cat Den, when considering the genetics of our cats we are focused on temperament and beauty.  We feel they’re of equal importance. The cats placed in our breeding program must come from proven lineage without genetic weakness. We never in-breed our Bengals and spend much time considering the right “blends” for the best outcome in progeny.

Our kittens are raised inside our home. We allow them to nurse from their mother until they are 10-11 weeks old. By 12 weeks of age, the kittens are weaned and learning to be more independent. They will have had 2 sets of vaccines by this time, eating dry food and eating wet food. Usually, this is a good age for them to go to their new homes.

We spend a lot of time socializing our kittens by holding them and playing with them. No one likes an unfriendly cat, so it is of utmost importance that the kittens learn what it is like to have human companionship at a young age.

We never have several litters of kittens at a time. We prefer to have plenty of time to get to know each kitten’s unique personality and qualities. The pattern on a Bengal kitten’s coat changes from week to week, so we spend time evaluating each kitten’s design and type. In this way, we are able to let our customers know if we have breeder or show quality kittens available.

Bengals are curious, playful, athletic, affectionate and fun-loving little leopards! Anyone that loves a good comedian would enjoy owning a Bengal. They love to climb and find their nap time in high places, much like their relative, the Asian leopard. Bengals love playing in water and retrieving balls like a dog. They are very sociable with people and unique in every way.

Please view our available kittens and see for yourself why a Bengal cat stands out from the rest!

Our prices vary depending on the cat’s markings and intended purpose.

They are all T.I.C.A. registered.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our cats to anyone.

Thank you for viewing our leopards!

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