“Absolutely Cascade Effect!”

female pg number 1  Second on female page


“We are proud to introduce our exquisite “Absolutely Cascade Effect.”  This is a lovely girl that I feel so privileged to have from Gail Sanford of Absolutely Bengals.  Cassie is the progeny of some of Gail’s best bloodlines.  As always, I was not disappointed in the fabulous “look” and temperament of this Bengal girl.  Cassie loves everyone, and has a well rounded personality.  She can tend to be a bit of a clown when she interacts with her favorite people, and she is  bright eyed and fun loving.  Her gorgeous open rosetted pattern is sure to enhance the pattern of her offspring.  Thank you, Gail, for an outstanding Bengal!  Cassie is the best ! 

                                    “TheBengalCatDen TinkerBelle!”

TinkerBelle with beads   TinkerBells on hind legs in suitcase

“TinkerBelle” is a beautiful tri-colored cinnamon, marble Bengal. She has

an amazing personality that is ready to play at the drop of a hat, but also

ready to be affectionate and have lap time whenever there is a moment. She

has given us some very beautiful spotted kittens in the past with “Cupid”

being the Dad. Her wonderful temperament is a winning factor when all

age groups of people view her kittens. This girl is in great health and is HCM

negative and PK N/N. Tinker is one of my favorite cats of all time:)

                 “TheBengalCatDen RainDrops on Roses”

11-04-14, Raindrops, Arthomas, Tiger Lily 002 11-04-14, Raindrops, Arthomas, Tiger Lily 022

“Rainy” is a lovely silver/black spotted girl that we raised up from a baby.

She has a very beautiful, wild, expressive face that she passes on to her

kittens. I love that we have gotten a great variety of colors with both spotted

and marbled kittens from her litters. This season will be her last litter with

the new boy in town. We have paired her to an exceptional blue spotted male

that also has wonderful conformation and profile. We are looking forward

to their kittens at the end of January. Rainy is in great health and has a very

playful attitude. She loves showing off her kittens when cat viewers come:)

                  “TheBengalCatDen Pure Pandimonium”

Pandimonium, lounging  Pandimonium, close up

“Pandi is a gorgeous silver/black marble Bengal with the softest pelt I have

ever touched. It is so shiny that it shows reflections at times! These pictures

were taken when she was still a kitten and she had not grown into her ears

yet, but they at least give us an idea of the unique beauty of this girl. The

thing that has always impressed me about Pandi is her gentle personality

around people and other cats. She helped me rehabilitate a Bengal in the past

that had been adopted out and sadly bullied as a kitten by another cat. When

I brought that cat back realizing he would need rehabilitation to be able to be

around other cats again, I chose Pandi to help me. She never hissed, put her

hair up, or growled when she was introduced to this poor fellow. She was

gentle and calm. After a few days they were playing together and so goes

the story of Pandi helping out another Bengal in need. Pandi’s litter with

“LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart” was breathtaking in 2019. We are looking

forward to their 2020 repeat pairing!

                             “TheBengalCatDen MariGold”

Mari Gold, sitting pretty, 4 months  Mari Gold, paws over table

“MariGold is an exceptional kitten we selected from “Cassie” and “Cupid.” We

hope to continue the wonderful bloodlines through this beautiful girl. She is

only 5 months old in these photos, so she is enjoying being a kitten at this

time and I am soaking in every moment with her in this cute stage. Stay tuned!











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