We have Bengal kittens available !!!

04-20-19, 2 week kittens! 010  04-20-19, 2 week kittens! 028

04-20-19, 2 week kittens! 026  04-20-19, 2 week kittens! 002

We have brown/black spotted, silver/black

spotted, blue spotted, and charcoal available!!!

Below we have pictures of the parents of the last litter!!

“LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart!” is an amazing boy!

His kittens have his bold pattern and pronounced

features. The mother is “TheBengalCatDen Pure

Pandimonium.” This pairing gave us all spotted

kittens even though Pandi is a marble Bengal. Enjoy

parent pictures below! Email or call for information

on the kittens.

Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old Bandit lounging

Pandimonium, lounging Pandimonium, close up

Bengal kittens to be spay/neutered by 6 months old are

800.00-1,000.00. Show quality marked kitten prices are

slightly higher. Breeding rights are not included in

this pricing.

Deposits to hold kittens from qualified adopters are

300.00. Deposits are non refundable, but they are

transferable for one year from the date the deposit

was initially given. The deposit comes off the initial balance.

Please call me or email for further information.

UPDATED: April 20, 2019





























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