UPDATED: August 18, 2019

We have available Bengal


“Bella” is a brown/black spotted,

rosetted, female, Bengal kitten.

She has a sweet personality and is

curious, comical, and fun loving.

She has a very “classic” Bengal

“look” with red highlights on

her pelt.  AVAILABLE!

Bella, little diva  Bella, left side

Bella, pretty  Bellaa, left side

Bella, pretty girl  Bella, tongue outBella, surprised

“Daisy May” is a brown/black

spotted, female, Bengal kitten.

She is very interactive with a

great personality and attitude.

Her pictures show her comical

and sweet demeanor. AVAILABLE!

Daisy May, model posing  Daisy May, adorable

Daisy May, tummy  Daisy May, sweet

Daisy May, posing  Daisy May, photogenic!

“Silverado” is a fine example of a

silver/black spotted, male,  Bengal

kitten. He is well rounded in every

way from his flowing pattern to

his wonderful personality. He has

amazing contrast! AVAILABLE!

Silverado, play mode  Silverado, paws over the table

Silverado, peeking  Silverado, close up, face

Silverado, showing his back  Silverado, front view

Our Bengal kittens are in a price

range of 600.00-1,200.00.

Breeding rights are not included in

this pricing.

Bengals are priced according to

colors, conformation, contrast,

personalities, lineage, and gender.

Deposits to hold kittens are 300.00.

Please call or email for information.

UPDATED: August 18, 2019






























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