We have Bengal kittens available !!! UPDATED 06-14-19

“Daphne” is a lovely silver/black spotted, female Bengal

kitten. She has a well rounded personality and has done

well with adults and children. She loves playtime and can

be a little monkey, but she also likes cuddle time when she

is in a quiet mood. Available Now!

Daphne, princessDaphne, tummy

“Buddy” is a very handsome, brown/black spotted, rosetting

male Bengal kitten. He has a moderate personality as far as

being outgoing or dominant. He will have a very classic

Bengal “look” with exceptional pattern and face. He is a bit

shy with new people, but warms up fast. Available Now!

Buddy, faceBuddy, right side

Buddy, playingBuddy, 9 weeks old

“Panda” is a silver/black spotted, male Bengal kitten with

big pattern and great contrast. He is a funny guy in play

time. He loves playing teaser toys and hand games with me.

He has been a bit shy with strangers, but is doing better

every week and never runs and hides…only watches from a

few inches away until he feels that he cannot resist play

anymore:)Then he comes up cautiously….Available Now!

Panda chillinPanda, left side

Panda, right side

“Chenay” is a brown/black spotted, female, Bengal kitten.

This girl loves playing and trying to figure any curious thing

out as she goes. She is not interested in lap time at this age,

but sure loves interacting and being busy! Available Now!

Chenay being cuteChenay on cat bed

Chenay, sitting pretty

“Silverado” is a fine example of a silver/black, spotted

rosetting, male Bengal kitten. He is well rounded in every

way from his flowing pattern to his moderate personality.

Available Now!

Silverado, right sideSilverado, stretched

Silverado, left sideSilverado, peek a boo

“Sherwin” is a brown/black spotted, rosetting, male Bengal

kitten. He was gifted with four white socks, an exotic

pattern, and an adorable personality. He is super interactive

when I come into the Bengal nursery room. He loves being

social and being part of all of the activities. Available Now!

Sherwin playingSherwin, so cute

Sherwin posingSherwin, face  

Bengal kittens to be spay/neutered by 6 months old are

800.00-1,000.00. Show quality marked kitten prices are

slightly higher. Breeding rights are not included in

this pricing.

Deposits to hold kittens from qualified adopters are

300.00. Deposits are non refundable, but they are

transferable for one year from the date the deposit

was initially given. The deposit comes off the initial balance.

Please call me or email for further information.

UPDATED: June 14, 2019





























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