“LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart”

Bandit, playful  Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old

We are happy to introduce Bandit to our breeding program.

Bandit is very affectionate. He loves lap time more

than playtime. He offers his progeny beautiful coloring with big pattern.

Bandit is HCM negative and PK N/N. We look forward to his 2022 repeat

pairing with Pandi! Thank you, Tracy, for this magnificent boy! He is more

than I had hoped for:)

                            “TheBengalCatDen Cupid”

Cupid lounging on rainbow cloth   Cupid showing his heart

Shown above is “TheBengalCatDen Cupid.” His back displays a big heart!! Cupid is a big boy with a very wonderful personality that is friendly and affectionate. His genetics help keep some silver in our Bengal blood lines. Our visitors cannot help but smile when they meet Cupid. He loves everyone!



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