“LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart”

Bandit, playful  Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old

We are happy to introduce Bandit to our breeding program. He already gave

us a breathtaking litter of kittens in 2019 with “TheBengalCatDen Pure

Pandimonium.” Bandit is very affectionate. He loves lap time with me more

than playtime. He offers his progeny beautiful coloring with big pattern.

Bandit is HCM negative and PK N/N. We look forward to his 2020 repeat

pairing with Pandi! Thank you, Tracy, for this magnificent boy! He is more

than I had hoped for:)

                    “TheBengalCatDen Indigo’s Prophecy”

Indigo prancing  Indigo, distinguished

I am proud to introduce “Indigo” into our breeding program. Indy is the

finest example of a blue spotted Bengal I have ever seen in person or in

a magazine. The blue spotted have a very different look about them and

their pelts have a gorgeous sheen as you can see in his pictures:) This boy

has correct conformation, profile, pristine pattern, thick tail, and wild

expressive face with big luminous eyes. I have had several people that were

very impressed with the unique look of a blue Bengal and when we are

fortunate enough to get one in a litter, they are ALWAYS first pick with

cat viewers who love the look of a “Russian Blue” cat but also want the

rosetted spots, and wild type of a Bengal! Hence, the blue spotted Bengal

is the way of getting the best of both worlds. Indigo is from Cupid and Cassie.

Though born here, he is not owned by me. Thank you to my very good friend

Judy ( Indigo’s Mom) for allowing us to use Indigo in our breeding program at

this time. We have paired him with RainDrops on Roses for an early 2020

litter, and are extremely excited to see their progeny! We love you Indigo!!


“BellaAbsolutely The SunDance Kidee”

Sunny, paint picture          Sunny in his tunnel

“We are excited to have “Bella Absolutely The Sundance Kidee” in our breeding program.  He has too many world champions in his lineage to name them all in a short paragraph.   Besides a fabulous pedigree, I am so impressed with the overall attitude and health of this amazing boy.  He is always happy and adaptable.  I hope his pictures will tell the story of his breath taking appearance.  Yes, he is REALLY this red!  He has correct structure and coloring with an incredible wild and expressive face.  I would like to thank my friends, Nancy from Bella Bengals and Gail Sanford from Absolutely Bengals for this “knock-out-fabulous kid.”  He makes us all look thrice! 

                            “TheBengalCatDen Cupid”

Cupid lounging on rainbow cloth   Cupid showing his heart

Shown above is “TheBengalCatDen Cupid.” He is the son of SunDance and as we see in his second picture, his back displays a big heart!! Cupid is a big boy with a very wonderful personality that is friendly and affectionate. His genetics help keep some silver in our Bengal blood lines. Our visitors cannot help but smile when they meet Cupid. He loves everyone!



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