01-06-18, stand up comedian******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

TheBengalCatDen is located near

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Reservations are encouraged for best


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Available kittens are here!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

“Daphne” is a silver/black spotted female

Bengal kitten. She has an interactive and

playful personality. Available Now!

Daphne, tummyDaphne, princess

“Buddy” is a brown/black spotted, rosetting, male Bengal

kitten. He loves having fun and playing with rattle balls!

He has a very balanced personality. Available Now!

Buddy, playing Buddy, 9 weeks old

“Panda” is a striking, silver/black spotted, male Bengal

kitten. He has been a bit shy, but doing better every day.

He loves interacting with teaser toys and is comical in

play time. Available Now!

Panda, right side Panda, left side

“Chenay” is a brown/black spotted, female, Bengal kitten.

This little girl is a play maniac! She is always busy having

fun! She is attentive and very smart. Available Now!

Chenay, sitting pretty Chenay on cat bed

“Silverado” is an incredible silver/black spotted, rosetting

male Bengal kitten. He has a well rounded personality and

likes getting on my lap during playtime to play peek a boo.

Available Now!

Silverado, left sideSilverado, right side

“Sherwin” is last on this list but not least. He is absolutely

unique with his four whited paws! He is a total clown and

wants to be in the center of activities. He has a balanced

personality and exotic pattern. Available Now!

Sherwin, so cuteSherwin playing

UPDATED: June 14, 2019


LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart!” is the Dad to the

newest litter!! Please check out his photos below!!

He is HCM negative and PK N/N. His lineage comes

from Bengalmanor and Therealms. His kittens look


Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old Bandit loungingBandit, playful Bandit 1 year old face


Pictured below are: “TheBengalCatDen Luna, Mogul, Ivan

and Duncan.” Thank you Matt and Cindy for all of the love

and excellent care you have given to your feline family:):)

A picture speaks a thousand words!! Updated: 06-14-19.

Cat Condo group

Pictured below is a special customized print my brother

made for my birthday a few years ago. I have named it

“TheBengalCatDen Child’s Delight!” Thank you, Art, for

this amazing picture that depicts the joy and amazement

of Bengals and children!! I will treasure this forever.

hugecats (2)

Below are a few of my favorite pictures I have taken through

the many years of raising my Bengal kids! Enjoy!

01-06-18, Leopardess Dot

01-06-18, Sonnet in Bengal basket

01-06-18, Gem in basket   01-06-18, Cadbury

01-06-18, Bengal baby with beads  01-06-18, Butter Rum

01-06-18, silver Bengals in box

01-06-08, Bengal with Winnie

01-06-18, Baby peeking from nest

01-06-18, Bengal with water bottle  01-06-18, Bengal chomping basket

01-06-18, Rascal on pumpkin  01-06-18, stand up comedian

01-06-18, Bengal in blue jeans  01-06-18, Bengalmania

01-06-18, kitten stretching, Fall scene  01-06-18, Frosty


01-06-18, kittens in window sill

01-06-18, Brooke and Ansel

01-06-18, four Bengal kids   01-06-18, Lil Miss Dottie 01-06-18 Grande Finale


01-06-18, peek a boo

01-06-18, Artie

01-06-18, snug as a bug

01-06-18, Rudy and Swiss Miss   01-06-18, Reina

01-06-18, Blue Gene   01-06-18, Cassie kittens

01-06-18, Leo

01-06-18, Leo and Nutty   01-06-18, laundry basket kids

01-06-18, playful litter mates   01-06-18, climbing the ladder

01-06-18, rolly poly  01-06-18, chomping down

01-06-18, Tonka


01-06-18, Simba

01-06-18, Oh Boy!

11-08-15 Taffie and Misty kids! 039    01-06-18, Spartan 01-06-18, Dee Dee   

01=06-18, corn cob kittens

01-06-18, Smoke and Awes      01-06-18, Buddy

01-06-18, Karats

01-06-18, Smoke n motion  01-06-18, Aladdin

01-06-18, Bravado  2peanut being silly

01-06-18, Lily   Blue Gene on jeans

01-06-18, Cutsie Wootsie

  01-06-18, Chivalry and bunny  01-06-18, Beemer, Rudy

hugging bengals   01-06-18, Aubrey

01-06-18, lion nap2






































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