01-06-18, stand up comedian

TheBengalCatDen is located near

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We have available kittens!!

♥♥♥♥♥Available kittens are here!!!♥♥♥♥♥

“Bella” is a brown/black spotted,

female, Bengal kitten. She loves

fun and playing with rattle balls!

She has a very sweet personality.


Bella, little diva  Bella, tongue out

Bella, pretty  Bella, left side

Bella, pretty girl  Bella, surprised

“Daisy May” is a brown/black spotted,

female, Bengal kitten. She has an

adorable personality and great fun

loving attitude! Her pictures show a

glimpse of her comical and sweet

demeanor. AVAILABLE!

Daisy May, model posing  Daisy May, adorable

Daisy May, tummy  Daisy May, sweet

Daisy May, posing  Daisy May, photogenic!

“Silverado” is an incredible silver/black

spotted, rosetted, male Bengal kitten.

He has a well rounded personality and

likes getting on my lap during playtime

to play peek a boo:) Amazing contrast!!

Available Now!!

Silverado, showing his back  Silverado, peeking

Silverado, play mode  Silverado, close up, face

Silverado, paws over the table  Silverado, front view

UPDATED: August 18, 2019 

LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart!” is

the Dad to our litter of kittens.

Please check out his photos below!!

He is HCM negative and PK N/N.

His lineage comes from Bengalmanor

and Therealms. His kittens are


Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old Bandit loungingBandit, playful Bandit 1 year old face


Pictured below are: “TheBengalCatDen”

Luna, Mogul, Ivan and Duncan.

Thank you Matt and Cindy for all of

the love and care you give your feline

family! A picture speaks a thousand

words!! Updated: 08-18-19.

Cat Condo group

Pictured below is a special customized print

my brother made for my birthday a few years

ago. I have named it “Child’s Delight.”

Thank you, Art, for this amazing picture

that depicts the joy and amazement

of Bengals and children!! I will treasure

this always!

hugecats (2)

Below are a few of my favorite pictures

I have taken through the many years

of raising my Bengal kids! Enjoy!

01-06-18, Leopardess Dot

01-06-18, Sonnet in Bengal basket

01-06-18, Gem in basket   01-06-18, Cadbury

01-06-18, Bengal baby with beads  01-06-18, Butter Rum

01-06-18, silver Bengals in box

01-06-08, Bengal with Winnie

01-06-18, Baby peeking from nest

01-06-18, Bengal with water bottle  01-06-18, Bengal chomping basket

01-06-18, Rascal on pumpkin  01-06-18, stand up comedian

01-06-18, Bengal in blue jeans  01-06-18, Bengalmania

01-06-18, kitten stretching, Fall scene  01-06-18, Frosty


01-06-18, kittens in window sill

01-06-18, Brooke and Ansel

01-06-18, four Bengal kids   01-06-18, Lil Miss Dottie 01-06-18 Grande Finale


01-06-18, peek a boo

01-06-18, Artie

01-06-18, snug as a bug

01-06-18, Rudy and Swiss Miss   01-06-18, Reina

01-06-18, Blue Gene   01-06-18, Cassie kittens

01-06-18, Leo

01-06-18, Leo and Nutty   01-06-18, laundry basket kids

01-06-18, playful litter mates   01-06-18, climbing the ladder

01-06-18, rolly poly  01-06-18, chomping down

01-06-18, Tonka


01-06-18, Simba

01-06-18, Oh Boy!

11-08-15 Taffie and Misty kids! 039    01-06-18, Spartan 01-06-18, Dee Dee   

01=06-18, corn cob kittens

01-06-18, Smoke and Awes      01-06-18, Buddy

01-06-18, Karats

01-06-18, Smoke n motion  01-06-18, Aladdin

01-06-18, Bravado  2peanut being silly

01-06-18, Lily   Blue Gene on jeans

01-06-18, Cutsie Wootsie

  01-06-18, Chivalry and bunny  01-06-18, Beemer, Rudy

hugging bengals   01-06-18, Aubrey

01-06-18, lion nap2






































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