Bengal kittens are HERE!!!!!Pictures below at 3-4 weeks old!

I think I can!Abbie kids climbing from nest

Abbie kids, almost 4 weeksFirst time out of the nest!

Abbie kids, nappingArias, almost 4 weeks

Levi, 3 weeks oldMaryGold, 3 weeks

Delphinia, 3 weeks oldMr. Livingston, 3 weeks

We have brown/black spotted, silver

black spotted, blue spotted, and charcoal!!

Pictured below is the Dad to our newest

litter! “LunaKatz Bandit Stole My Heart!” is

HCM negative and PK N/N. His parents are

from Bengalmanor and Therealms. Check out

his pictures below!! His kittens look fabulous!

Bandit, playful Bandit Stole My Heart! 1 year old

Bandit lounging Bandit 1 year old face

We are near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When considering the genetics of our Bengals,

health, beauty, and temperament are all very


Our kittens are raised in our home. They are ready for

adoptive homes by 11-12 weeks of age. We spend a lot of time

socializing our kittens. No one likes an unfriendly cat, so it is

important to place much time, love, and effort into each

kitten. They all have unique personality and qualities, along with

pattern and color. We specialize in gold/red spotted, silver black

spotted, tricolored marbles, and a few melanistics. When raised

properly, Bengals should be playful, athletic, affectionate, and

fun-loving . They can be comedians as they definitely are live

entertainment! Bengals are infatuated with water and play like

a puppy with balls and sticks. They are adaptable to other non-

aggressive  animals and are very people oriented in their

social behavior. Please view our kittens and see why a Bengal

cat stands out from the rest!

All of our kittens are T.I.C.A. registered.

All of our kittens are vaccinated and vet checked

before leaving TheBengalCatDen.

We offer a one year congenital health guarantee

on our Bengal kittens.

Our bloodlines come from world class lineage. 

We do reserve the right to refuse adoption of

our cats to anyone.

We do an initial phone interview with potential adopters.

We welcome visitation by appointment. If people are

interested in placing a deposit, they are non-

refundable, but they are transferable for one year from

the date they are received. This is to ensure that if anyone

has unforeseen circumstances that hinder them from

choosing a kitten in the litter that was originally agreed

upon, there is an option of placing it on a future litter.

Please call or email me for any further information on our

Bengal cats and kittens.

UPDATED: April 30, 2019




















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